May 062013

Today’s Mission Monday is one that is close to my heart. For those of you who do not know, I am the Area Coordinator for Safe Families for Children in southern and central Maine. Safe Families for Children is presently in 27 states plus Canada and United Kingdom.

Safe Families for Children (SFFC) is a movement of compassion, grounded in relationship, through the Church. Hundreds of families of faith have opened their homes to children and demonstrate biblical hospitality to families who are struggling. Many parents experiencing a life crisis do not have a grandmother, sister, friend, or neighbor to call for help….they have no safety-net or healthy support network.  These parents can voluntarily seek the help of SFFC in their community – they can have their children temporarily stay with a SFFC volunteer host family, knowing they are safe and being loved on, while they address their situation. The parents can breathe and have space to collect their thoughts and plan a course of action with the help of a SFFC volunteer Family Coach or Family Friend.  SFFC is an invitation to support relationships for parents who otherwise may end up being involved with the Child welfare system because stress and isolation becomes too great – harm can come to kids when their parents are maxed-out and alone. Safe Families for Children is there – as the Church is called to be – opening hearts and homes for those vulnerable and in need.

Specifically, my role is to work with local churches to establish both a network of churches, and of families within the churches, to support families in crisis. Safe families are identified, have full background screenings and are approved to host children in their homes temporarily.  When crises strike, calls are made to us from DHHS, churches, pediatrician, or even the parents themselves to help find a temporary home for a child(ren) if abuse has not occurred.

I absolutely love this video testimony:

Safe Families 00 from Safe Families on Vimeo.


If you would like more information about Safe Families for Children, or how you can serve, please contact me at [email protected]