New Year’s Resolutions

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Jan 012013

I don’t usually make New Year’s resolutions. In the past I have pondered a few and just kind of nonchalantly thought ‘yeah, I’ll do that this year’, but they were never serious goals in which I planned to hold myself accountable. I am going to make a few this year, and here they are:

Seek Christ more & be more obedient. I want to be boldly obedient to Christ, therefore I want to move toward that goal. Bold is tough for me, and this will require leaning into Christ more in this area.

Complete a Bible reading plan. Last year I had begun two Bible reading plans at the start of the year. Then I fell to one. Then I got way behind on the second and gave up. This year my pastor invited my church family to complete a reading plan along with him, so I am going to attempt this again. The reading plan we are doing can be found here:

Write & blog more. I love to write, but finding the time to do so is not always easy. I love when Christ lays a subject on my heart to write about, and then He teaches me as I write through the topic. In 2012 I completed writing a book and wrote the first draft of a bible study on a topic that is a struggle for me. I plan to complete the bible study and publish both pieces in 2013, although I do not yet know which avenue Christ will lead me down in this area. I plan to set up a blogging schedule and be more intentional about posting regularly.

Be more intentional about missions. I want to be more intentional about being on mission every day for Christ, whether that is locally or travelling to do so. I am in the process of moving toward leading my first mission team to Nicaragua towards the end of 2013.

Reflect Christ’s love in my relationships more. I want to acknowledge the Christ is at the center of every relationship and be more intentional in loving others as Christ does, even when it is messy and hard. I want to rely on Christ more in moments of raw emotion and set aside the personal hurt and instead actively love in spite of it.

Feel free to comment some of your resolutions for the upcoming year.

 Happy New Year! Wishing you many blessings in the upcoming year!