Jun 032013

 So I have been waiting to make the new Maine Church Planting website my Mission Monday post for a while now, but I was holding out for this video to be ready!

Please check out the website and see the various ways that you can be involved in church planting in Maine! There are ways that you can be actively involved both here in Maine or from wherever you live.

“Partner with Us

GET INVOLVED? Church Planters, People groups, communities and school districts need Partners who will champion the cause of doing whatever it takes to reach them for Christ.
Will you pray about getting yourself, your family, your church, your foundation, or your business involved somehow in this work?
Will you pray about sending short-term mission teams consistently over time to help one of our planters?
Will you pray about financially sponsoring a church planter?
Will you pray about sending out your best to plant a church in Maine?
Will you pray about helping that church become a multiplying church that plants more churches in Maine

Thank you for your yes. Please contact Barry Murry at [email protected] for more information about how to get started

Why Maine? There are 1.3 Million people (97%) in Maine that are without Christ.
There are numerous communities in our state that have little to no evangelical witness.
Maine is one of the most secular states in the US.
There are many people living in the state here who have never clearly heard the Gospel of Jesus proclaimed.”