Feb 052013

A friend of mine is waiting for and needing a miracle in her adoption. God is in control, and so there are many people prayerfully being faithful in doing anything they can to help her get the proof she needs.

This is an update from Barabara:

“Daniel, Edeline and Shelove Florival were in Bethany Orphanage in St. Michel, Haiti from March 2002 to Jan 2010. After two long years they are legally my children in Haiti and have passports to come home. But Homeland Security will not allow them to come until I can provide proof of their time in Bethany Orphanage. Anyone with pictures, testimony, knowledge of workers or missionaries who traveled there, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE contact me!”

 If you traveled to Bethany Orphanage in Haiti between March 2002 and January 2010 and remember, or have pictures of, these children please contact me and I will put you in touch with Barbara.

This is the oldest photo Barbara has of her children, so they would have looked like this or younger while at Bethany Orphanage. This is their current orphanage’s director.

“As this story grows, spreads and gets bigger daily I am convinced with all of my heart that my Haiti three, Daniel, Edeline and Shelove will touch EACH and EVERY person they meet here in the US with their personalities, their resiliency and their faith. There is a bond and a love that has grown from mom’s six trips to Haiti and we don’t share a language or a culture but a faith that surpasses all hurdles! And yes, I’m a proud mom, but they are exceptional, exceptional, exceptional children!” -Barbara Eddy

If you did not travel to Haiti during these times, please join all of us that are praying for this amazing woman and her sweet, sweet children.

  2 Responses to “Waiting for a Miracle”

  1. Lance,
    I got this link from a co-worker in Sulphur Springs (if you look on my fb page you will see it posted) and this sweet family is trying to come home but needs help from someone who can help them prove that the children were in Bethany Orphanage in Haiti at a certain time. I know you all of met lots of wonderful people who may have be able to make the right connects for them. Please pass it along to Shelly and to anyone else you know with connections that might help. Thank you! Love you both!

    • Thank you so much “Lance’s mom” for all of your help in sharing the post and helping to look for the proof needed! I have contacted Lance and cited your message to him. Again, thank you so much!