Oct 082012

I love the book of Esther. I do not know why, as I have loved it since I was a little girl. The idea of an orphan girl becoming Queen, a real portrayal of every little girl’s dream,  may have drawn me in but I also suspect that I have loved it for as long as I can remember because God placed it on my heart to teach me something specific according to His perfect timing. While studying it there have been several aspects of the story that have stuck out to me, I  wanted to blog about the one from today.

The entire book of Esther reads without a single mention of God, a message from God, anyone praying, anyone going to church or worshiping, and there are no miracles recorded in it. God was sovereign and in control, it is not to say otherwise, but in the telling of the account He is not mentioned. Do I live life this way? If a stranger wrote a book about me after I died, would God be in the forefront of the account? Do I live in such a way that my life points to Him and therefore His presence cannot be missed? Could those who don’t know Christ read the book and be unable to bypass Christ’s lead role in my life?

A life of private worship, or even semi-public worship, and attending a church is not evidence to a stranger of Christ’s undeniable presence. So often I keep what He has done in my life or is doing in my life private, or I separate it from the areas of my life shared with unbelievers. If I am going through daily routine life and not outwardly loving others, as He did, then strangers will not see a difference in me from the world. I am called to be a light in the darkness. I want my life to be one that is evidence of Christ’s sacrifice, victory over death, and His transforming power. This does not communicate to others unless I am boldly living for God in a way that even those who have not accepted Him know that I have given my life to Him and for His glory.

I am not a bold person, this takes conscious work for me, but He is worthy. It means not accepting deceptions of my identity, but clinging to my identity in Him. It means not allowing others to get me off track by their negativity and insults, but keeping my eyes focused on Him. It means wearing my faith like a crown, instead of hidden away in my pocket.